Smart Cities

For a healthy society, Smart Cities are needed.

CTE - Smart Cities

For a healthy society and a sustainable urban development, Smart Cities are needed

We operate on urban scale and infrastructure projects – planned communities, neighborhoods, cities, infrastructure works and public policies – with technical advice in the areas of sustainability, technology, intelligence and innovation.

We address urban development considering connectivity, walkability, environmental comfort, biodiversity, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, sustainable materials, governance and local development, from conceptualization to construction and operation.



Contribui na valorização dos ativos de seus clientes por meio de estratégias de sustentabilidade nas fases de conceituação, projeto, construção e operação. Além da inovação, a consultoria gera redução de custos operacionais, engajamento de stakeholders, qualidade ambiental, saúde e bem-estar das pessoas.

Vanguard and pioneering in sustainability, technology and innovation consultancy for urban projects.

Company that brought to Brazil the LEED ND and SITES certifications by applying them first in projects.

Consultancy with the largest portfolio of sustainable urban develpment, having worked in more than 45 million square meters of territory.

High level of education team recognized as a technical reference by the main courses, events, fairs and congresses of Smart Cities (Coordination of the IED Smart Cities Course and of the Axis of Sustainable Urban Development of Learn Connected Smart Cities).