A management and consulting firm specializing in quality, technology, management, sustainability and innovation for the construction sector.


CTE – Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações (Building Technology Center) is a consulting and management company specialized in quality, technology, management, sustainability and innovation for the construction sector.

It has been working in the local territory since 1990, developing methodologies and technologies to improve the management of companies, projects and works, stimulating and promoting productivity, competitiveness, differentiated culture and sustainable growth of the construction production chain.


​To serve its costumers, CTE has offered products and services in an integrated manner in eight areas

Inspiring positive changes in construction and society.

To be recognized as a reference company in technical competence, innovation and sustainability in the construction sector.


All businesses we develop are in high connection with the market.


Ethics moves us into everything we do and with whom we work.


Our people are our greatest property. We seek talent to achieve our dreams.


We are a company of entrepreneurs and business owners.


We are committed to technical and business excellence.


Innovation and sustainability permeate all our actions.


We assume socio-environmental responsibility in conducting our business.


Customer business is our business. We built it with him and for him.


Our results come from planning and high productivity.


We detail the projects to achieve the best profitability in the business we engage in.

Our Board

Roberto de Souza

Roberto de Souza


Civil Engineer, Master and PhD in Engineering from USP Polytechnic School. Before commanding CTE for the past 29 years, he was Director of the IPT Building Division and President of the Brazilian Civil Construction Committee of ABNT. Specialist in quality, technology, management, sustainability and innovation in construction. Author of nine technical books focused on quality, technology, sustainability, innovation and management of developers, builders and designers. He has delivered numerous lectures and courses and has written several technical articles throughout his career. In 2017, he created Enredes, the innovation and relationship platform for companies in the building production chain, where the Digital Construction Network was born.

Rafael Lazzarini

Rafael Lazzarini

Sustainability Unit Director

Architect and Urbanist at the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. Executive MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship at BI International. Specialist in environmental comfort and energy conservation from FUPAM / USP. LEED Accredited Professional by the US Green Building Council. Sustainability Specialist in Construction and Green Building certifications.

Márcia Menezes

Márcia Menezes

Innovation and Technology Director

Master in Production Engineering from USP Polytechnic School. Architect and Urbanist by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at USP and Specialist in Quality and Productivity at FCAV / USP (2000). International MBA in Environmental Management from Proenco / Brazilian German Chamber (2005). Lead Auditor formed by QMI / England and FCAV (1997). Environmental Auditor by JPD Training Limited - United Kingdom (2005). GRI qualified consultant for the Global Reporting Initiative (2011). Expert in project and construction management, business, environmental and quality management. CTE Consultant since 1991 and Director of the Innovation and Technology Unit.

Maurício Hino

Maurício Hino

Quality and Performance Unit Director

Has worked at CTE for 19 years. Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (1995), Master in Civil and Urban Construction Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (2001). Lead Auditor for ISO9001 (since 2000), ISO14001 (since 2008) and OHSAS 18001 (since 2008). Postgraduate Professor of Real Estate & Construction Management at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (since 2018). Researcher at the Institute of Technological Research of the State of São Paulo (from 1997 to 2000).

Myriam Tschiptschin

Myriam Tschiptschin

Smart Cities Unit Manager

Architect and Urbanist graduated from FAU-USP (2007), specialist in New Technologies applied to Architecture and Cities from the Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid (2009) and Master, also from FAU-USP, in the Urban and Regional Planning area (2016) ). In addition to being a sustainability researcher, in 2011, she became LEED® Accredited Professional by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and has since then acted as a consultant to several sustainable projects at national and international level, giving courses and lectures and participating in judging committees in the area of sustainability. She is currently Manager of the Smart Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure Unit of the Building Technology Center (CTE) and Coordinator of the Smart Cities course at the European Institute of Design (IED).

Giancarlo De Filippi

Giancarlo De Filippi

Managing Unit Director

Civil Engineer, Master and Doctor from USP Polytechnic School (1998, 2003, 2017), Lead Auditor ISO 9001 from IRCA (1999), MBA in Project Management from FIA / USP (2007).
He acted in residential works at Sergus Construtora and in infrastructure works at Carioca Engenharia.
At CTE for 20 years, he has served as auditor of quality management systems, and consultant in the management of business , planning and construction of projects throughout Brazil.
He is currently the Director of CTE Management.
He was Technical Coordinator of the ABCIC Seal of Excellence (2004-2012), responsible for managing the accreditation and evaluation system of prefabricated production plants in six states.
Researcher in the area of production planning and management, he taught at IFSP - Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo (former CEFET / SP, in 2009 and 2010) and is currently a professor of the Postgraduate course at USP - Programa POLI Integra (since 2011) and FAAP - Real Estate & Construction Management (since 2018).

Wagner Oliveira

Wagner Oliveira

Sustainable Operation Unit Director

Master in Environmental Technology by IPT. Graduated in Environmental Engineering from São Marcos University. He has more than 12 years of experience in sustainability consulting in the construction market, paying special attention to sustainable Operation and Maintenance processes, focusing on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Water. He has been with CTE since 2008, working in the Sustainability Unit for 11 years and is currently Director of the Sustainable Operation unit.


Building management, quality, innovation, technology and sustainability with its customers since 1990


CTE started its activities focusing on consulting in the development of innovative constructive technologies.

1st CTE Project: Performance Evaluation of Building Systems for Affordable Housing

Broadened focus on the development of methodologies for the implementation of quality management systems for construction companies


Created innovative methodologies for project and construction management, planning and monitoring.


Created more innovative methodologies for project and construction management, planning and monitoring. Invested in developing software and applications for Autodoc construction, pointing to the web as an instrument of the future.


Researched the concepts of sustainability and anticipated the development of environmental management methodologies, one of them being the Green Building. Created competences with a team of specialists to conduct sustainable projects for different types of buildings.


Started the Construction Meetings to promote the relationship between companies and industry professionals, to reflect on challenges and new market opportunities.


Created competence in the area of real estate business structuring and management, promoting partnerships between developers, builders and investment funds.


Created skills and improved knowledge in the area of innovation and construction technology involving the various agents of the construction productive chain.


Acted in the area of consulting for certification of sustainable materials, providing commissioning services and building systems.


Developed and implemented a methodology for the provision of building systems commissioning services and management of the operation of sustainable projects.


Created the platform EnRedes – Meetings and Construction Networks, aiming to promote the creation of business, knowledge, innovation and sustainability relationship networks among companies in the construction productive chain.


Started working in the area of Urban Development, Smart Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure.


Created the Sustainable Operation consulting area to act in real estate portfolios.


Moved to the new headquarters and participated in the creation of the event space, Casa CTE


CTE acts as a partner to its clients, fully committed to the results generated by their work.

18 states

of Brazil

500 companies

Qualified in the Performance Standard

1600 companies

Prepared for ISO 9001 and PBQP – H certification

500 constructions

Managed all over Brazil

450 projects

With sustainability consulting

25 thousand Professionals

Trained in our courses and events

250 projects with

LEED Certifications

200+ Due Diligence


3500+ costumers

All over Brazil

Human Resources

Come join our team

In order to efficiently serve all its clients, CTE has a multidisciplinary and highly specialized team, composed of more than 200 collaborators, trained in different areas and expertise


Clippings from articles and published matters with CTE sources