Smart Cities

Granja Marileusa


Granja Marileusa is a planned neighborhood in Uberlândia-MG, developed with sustainable urbanism concepts that promote coexistence, walkability and cutting-edge technology. Its urban design results in a harmony between inhabiting, living and working. Established as an Innovation District, the area is characterized as a large business center, with Startups and large corporations already on site, fostering innovation.


CTE acted at the project design stage in establishing guidelines for the Project Commitment to Sustainable Urban Development related to the themes of compact development, connectivity, walkability, environmental comfort, biodiversity, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, sustainable materials development, governance and local development.

The result was the creation of a mixed-use neighborhood with balanced densities that provides pleasant and short commutes for access to trade, services and public transportation. Parks, squares and natural reserves, as well as qualified infrastructure for cycle vehicles, further motivate the appropriation of open spaces and the holding of events such as concerts and organic fairs.



The challenge of ensuring innovation, sustainability and technology in allotment projects, on public areas that are mostly operated by the Government, was overcome at Granja Marileusa and one of the examples of this was the creation of Smart Bus Stops. In addition to ensuring comfort for users with seats, rooftops, side protection and lighting, through the energy generated by its photovoltaic panels, the stop informs in real time the arrival of buses and offers outlets for recharging mobile devices.

Contingent energy with underground structure, ultra-wideband and photovoltaic system were also strategies of connectivity and energy efficiency incorporated into the project, aiming at reconciling performance with sustainability.