Quality and Performance

Real EzTEC Work Quality


With 40 years of history, EZTEC has already launched more than 130 projects, totaling over 4.2 million square meters of built or under construction area, and 28,230 units. EZTEC SA is part of the Bovespa New Market and is negotiated with the EZTC3 code.

Since the program began in 2003, EZTEC has been a strategic partner of CTE, actively participating in the evolution of the QRO. Always focused on operating in different income brackets of the real estate development market, focusing on medium and high standards, EZTEC sought a way to evaluate, in an impartial, objective and quantitative way, the results in the final product executed by the works, after all the quality management performed in the processes.

Initially, the CTE Quality and Performance team acted on two points of attention. The first was the need to standardize product quality assessment criteria for each service performed on site, from site location to final finishing services. The second point was the construction of the team’s awareness of the purpose of an exempt external evaluation for the quality of the work, not in the sense of complying with an “inspection”, but in order to help analyze and define improvement actions.

With nearly a hundred works tracked through the QRO, EZTEC has a quality standard for all works, from quantitative product evaluation performed on each job site (enabling benchmark among them), until delivery to the customer upon the first survey, and minimized technical assistance occurrences.

“Even before going public and obtaining ISO 9001 and PBQP-H certification, EZTEC had already implemented QRO in its works. The initial objective was in line with the standardization of service delivery, material control and quality management as a whole. Through CTE consultancy, we transferred to paper all the execution practices previously used and this has allowed us to grow in a more organized way ”, says Gustavo Martins Romanelli, Technical Manager of EZTEC.

The results of the works’ periodic verification allows us to feed back the system. We analyze critical points, develop solutions, evaluate suppliers and teams, and achieve continuous improvement in end product quality and management. Among the strengths of the QRO, we highlight its flexibility and ease of adaptation throughout EZTEC’s growth.

”New works, new technologies and acceptance criteria are always discussed and appropriate, without problems” concludes Romanelli.