Project Management

VHOUSE Boutique Residences



Completed in March 2018, the VHouse Residential Building stands out for its sophisticated and elegant architecture, with units that are ready for you to live in. In a privileged location, close to the Eldorado and Iguatemi Malls, the project has a luxurious common area, meeting room, support services, as well as a leisure area with swimming pool, spa and central gym.


Considered one of the most emblematic projects by the CTE Management Unit, VHouse relied on its construction and management service, in partnership with Construtora Rocontec.

Highly qualified teams were allocated to this project, which had logistical and environmental particularities and challenges. One of the main challenges was the initial construction deadline, scheduled for delivery in 28 months. A work with over 23,000 m² of built area, in a place of great movement and restrictions to the reception of materials and equipment, with an extensive common area and a facade that has become a landmark in the city of São Paulo.

All management concerning contract, planning, work quality monitoring, environmental management and occupational safety belonged to CTE’s scope of work, having been prepared and monitored weekly, together with the Rocontec team.

With a focus on increasing productivity in the execution of the reinforced concrete structure, an equipment known as Spider was used, helping in the concreting of the slabs, enabling the anticipation of two weeks within the structure deadline.

“A detailed structure attack plan was devised, monitoring the executive sequence pillar by pillar, beam by beam, considering that the work had pieces with robust dimensions and irregular angles, requiring greater control in its execution, to ensure the final quality of the product.”  Juliana Divetta Pasotto, CTE Management.

In an original and sophisticated way, the common area required assertive and detailed planning.

With a common area of the highest standard, a floor was designed exclusively for leisure area, with variable ceiling heights, reaching almost 10 meters. With a ceramic coating imported from Spain, composed of pieces 1.20m x 3.20m in size, it demanded assertive logistics and planning from the team, not admitting losses that could interfere with the work budget. Two pools with a total of 147,500 liters, with coatings that required longer curing, and finally, a detailed craft work to compose the design proposed by the architecture.  

Highlight to the facade

The challenging façade design featured a metal structure designed exclusively to cover five floors. Several meetings were held with the metal structure designer, demanding as well the involvement of everyone in architecture and engineering, seeking deadlines for the installation of metal inserts, , fixation tests and colors. The building system installation was planned in strategic sections so that other activities could happen in parallel.

Control for contracts and additives 

Another solution offered and carried out by the CTE Management team was the detailed control of the construction contract and scope changes, as well as the contractor and the clients, since several intermediate mock ups deliveries and deadlines linked to high fines had to be met with. Monthly management reports were delivered, with the consolidation of all time, cost and quality work performed along the month. This report was prepared in English and periodically presented to the Related Miami technical staff during their visits to Brazil.

“This was a successful case that gave us the confirmation that one of the great items for the success of the projects is the control obtained throughout the execution process.” Juliana Divetta Pasotto, CTE Management.

About Rocontec

Rocontec has 35 years of experience in the construction market, applying Value Engineering and Innovation to projects and works, building with excellence. It is recognized as a construction company that adds value to the product by the commitment, ethical and professional behavior of its employees who feel motivated and proud to work in a cooperative environment.