Project Management

Boulevard Londrina Shopping


Boulevard Londrina Shopping, designed by Sonae Sierra Brasil (SSB) and currently managed by Aliansce Sonae, has a theme that honors the city of Londrina – “Little London”. The architectural project conceived by the Laguarda Low office in New York and tropicalized in Londrina by Spagnuolo Arquitetura, had a lighting concept from T Kondos, also from New York.
The project features British-themed settings such as the London Eye and that Big Ben, as well as Alice in Wonderland-themed toilets, Sherlock Holmes, The Queen’s Guard, among others.

The work of CTE Management Unit in the mall’s construction ranged from coordinating bidding designs to overseeing the execution of the enterprise, including controlling and managing cost, time, quality, scope, HR acquisitions, environment, health and safety.

The mall had an investment of R $ 320 million, with approximately 48 thousand m² of Gross Leasable Area (GLA) and a built area of 140 thousand m². Spread over two floors with 238 stores, 173 satellite stores and 6 anchors, 5 semi-anchors, 31 fast food stores, 3 restaurants, a hypermarket, 7 movie theaters, and a parking lot.

The work had several challenges that were overcome during its progress. One of them was the construction company’s difficulty in hiring direct labor, which at the peak of the workforce reached 1,200 direct employees and 40 subcontractors. For this reason, OAS, the contractor hired by SSB, built 3 lodgings to accommodate employees brought from various regions of the country.

This has had a huge impact on the economy and dynamics of the city. CTE even monitored, together with the press office hired by BLS, the events of the city caused by the work, directly and indirectly.

Another major challenge was the execution of the metallic structure of the cinema area and the main access of this project, affectionately called “beak”. The curved structure was about 25 meters high and 40 meters wide, without a central support, and it descended curved until it met the ground onto which it leaned.

Combining each employee’s experience with all of CTE’s know-how, our team faced a major professional challenge to lead the construction and the viability of a project so big and complex. Most importantly, the team remained motivated to work over the nearly three years of the project.

In what concerns sustainability, the mall has a rainwater capture system, reused in the fire, irrigation and cleaning systems. The design and implementation of Boulevard Londrina follows an automated management and monitoring system, ensuring the optimization of resources in order to minimize potential impacts on the environment, following the corporate policy guidelines of Sonae Sierra Brasil.

All these procedures were monitored so that the enterprise could obtain the ISO 14001 certification, which attests to environmental concern during construction and certification in Safety and Health according to OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety and Health Assessment System), certificates earned in November 2012, by the certifier Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.