São Paulo Corporate Towers


It is impossible to circulate along the banks of the Pinheiros River and not be surprised by the striking and bold architecture of the two towers of the São Paulo Corporate Towers. A reference and an example that it is possible to unite and harmonize construction and nature, sustainability and technology, the São Paulo Corporate Towers was the first Brazilian venture to obtain LEED® Platinum 3.0 Core and Shell pre-certification.

Designed by one of the most respected architectural firms in the world, New York’s Pelli Clarke Pelli, the building has 258,000 m² of floor space divided into two business towers with slabs ranging from 1,805 m² to 2,570 m², and is divided into commercial areas, convention center for 450 people, restaurants and cafeteria. From conception to construction, the project is in line with the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council, featuring the highest levels of energy efficiency and sustainability.
The CTE Sustainability Unit offered Leed® Building Design and Construction besides Certified Green Building Consulting services.

The Project

CTE was present from the conception of the project, following the processes of the work, until the delivery of the building. One of the main challenges initially was to encompass and reconcile all the different vectors and needs of all involved in the construction of the enterprise, into a single process with the same objective. Since it is a real estate development, several alternatives were presented and discussed, as the pursuit of Platinum certification requires very fast environmental performance, always reconciling the corporation’s interest with environmental benefit.

Air system

Air-conditioning system through indirect expansion (chilled water) with water condensation and variable air distribution (VAV) through the ceiling, providing for the division by thermal zones (facades and internal). With air quality control (CO²) sensor upon return.

Energy efficiency 

With the most advanced technologies available in the market, the venture achieved 48% in energy consumption reduction / year. The project has a power generation plant composed of four 2MW generators (each), one diesel and three gas.


Rainwater and the gray water (from sinks and drains from air conditioning equipment) are stored in reservoirs for reuse in cleaning, green area irrigation of the a, air-conditioning condensation systems, toilets and urinals, which contributes to 45% savings in potable water consumption.

  • Potable Water Reservoirs – Capacity of 200 m³ per tower, representing approximately two days’ reserve.
  • Fire Sprinkler Tanks – Capacity of 370 m³ for technical reserve.
  • Reused water – Will be employed for irrigation and air conditioning, in addition to its use for the cleaning of common areas.

Automation and technology:

  • Building with complete BMS (Building Management System): intelligent building management system and access control linked to elevator calls and individual electricity and water charging system.
  • Connectivity: Wireless system in common areas and exclusive applications.
  • Phone services: Infrastructure for telephone exchanges, infrastructure for optical fiber cables, access for various telecommunication system operators and antennas.


The location of the enterprise directly encourages the user to employ more conscientious means to get to their workplace. Corporate Towers offers 225 spaces for low-emission, low-energy vehicles and 63 bicycle spaces, with locker rooms nearby, further enhancing the comfort of its users. In addition, they are on the avenues Nações Unidas and Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, facilitating access by bus and train lines.


Much more than decoration, the landscaping promotes the well-being not only of those who use the space, but also for the city. More than 720 native trees of the Atlantic Forest were used, rescuing the diversity of the plants, and all their irrigation is done with rainwater.