CTE - Centro de Tecnologias de Edificações (Building Technology Center) is a consulting and management company specialized in quality, technology, management, sustainability and innovation for the construction sector.

It performs its activities nationwide since 1990, developing methodologies and technologies to improve the management of companies, ventures and plants, stimulating and promoting produtivity, competition, different cultures and sustainable growth for the construction productivity chain.

​To assist its costumers, CTE offers consulting, services and products, in an integrated four area format:

And two units focused on relationship networking and information technology:

CTE acts at all construction's produtive chain, with all it's enterprises and principal agents:

Management Policy

Developing value and generating results for our custmomers, for our staff and society, promoting management, technology, innovation, quality, safety, social responsibility and enviroment preservation.


To be a leading company in sustainability, quality, management, technology and innovation in construction, acknowledged by its products and services excellency.


To provide consulting and management services that result on economical, environmental and social sustainability of the construction productive chain.


CTE designs its strategies, measures its products and acts in the market according to principles settled along its history:

1. Businesses view and market connection

2. Value generation for customers and stakeholders

3. Services and products distinction

4. Business Excellency and credibility

5. Results and Profitability

6. Socioenvironmental responsibility

7. Planning, management and high productivity

8. Competence and professional development

9. High performance teams and leaders formation

10. Innovation and continuous improvement



Building management, quality, innovation, technology, and sustainability with our costumers since 1990


CTE is a partner of its customers, fully committed to their work results.


CTE acts with technical, strategic and market intelligence.

To serve all its clients with efficiency, CTE has a highly specialized team, consisting of over 200 employees, with academic formation in different areas and specializations: architecture and urbanism, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, forest engineering, building technology, information technology, pedagogy, psicology, communication, marketing and business administration.


Socioenvironmental Responsibility

CTE is committed with Corporate Socioenvironmental Responsibility practices and values.