Consulting services to apply and constantly enhance the company's projects and management systems, in order to promote quality, socioenvironmental responsibility, productivity and competitivity, generating value and results for its business and final clients.

The increase of economical activities, competition and demand sets the construction scenario and leads companies to search for new strategies and ways to conduct their businesses to keep the competition as well as to answer the growing demands of customers and society.  The efficient management in different business moments and construction phases is a differential in reducing costs and deadlines, improving the product quality, occupational safety, socioenvironmental commitments, relationship with customers and performace of the organization itself. To help companies increase their competitive advantages, their productivity and results, CTE offers consulting services for the development and implementation of business management systems.


Since 1990 CTE has been working with processes and business management systems to promote quality, productivity and responsibility.

Conception of quality, environmental and occupational safety management systems, in accordance with the customer's reality, covering the regulation requirements for certification.
Technical assessment to verify the real quality of the work production, generating systematized data with IT tools for analysis and decision making for improvements.
Development of customized solutions for business management: strategic management, process management and result management.
Diagnosis and independent auditing and troubleshooting with a highly specialized team in processes of civil construction (incorporation, project, planning, work and post work assistance).



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